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Adventure Camps SeaWorld

The SeaWorld Adventure Camp staff made traveling with my students easy. They helped me plan the trip and then handled everything from the time we arrived until we left. The kids learned so much, and they had fun, too.
  —Rene H., teacher

Take a Trip to the Coolest Classroom on Earth
If you’re looking for a real-world classroom for hands-on exploration and environmental education or simply one incredible, memorable site for a class trip, there’s no other place like SeaWorld. SeaWorld Multi-night Resident Camp for grades 4–12 is designed to be what teachers have told us they’re looking for in a group trip: educational, safe and secure, easy to organize, and so cool that the students will remember it forever.

The camp experience encourages teamwork, initiative, and critical thinking skills. Designed and led by experienced educators, camp curriculum supports National and State Science Standards and enables real-world application of these standards. But it’ all such a blast, your students may not even realize they’re learning.


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