Posted by: realcheapvacationdeals | March 3, 2009

Caribbean Vacations 101

Caribbean Vacations 101  
Tip 1- Cash in your frequent flyer points.
Reward points for a Frequent Flyer Program should always be cashed in for maximum gain, and for many people, flying to the Caribbean is a good trade for precious points.

For example, with many reward systems, 25,000 points will take a traveler from Seattle to New York — but that traveler could take a paid flight on that route for just 218 bucks. Meanwhile, 35,000 points will get that same traveler all the way from Seattle to Aruba, a junket that would cost $614 or more.

“Spending” an extra 10,000 points to get an extra $398 of travel makes sense!

And remember: you don’t have to fly, to collect Frequent Flyer points. Just get the right credit card and charge absolutely everything to it, from car insurance to cat litter. (Be sure to pay off the balance every month and avoid the high interest rates typically charged on credit cards that offer travel points.) To compare many different frequent fly programs, use the WebFlyer site.


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