Posted by: realcheapvacationdeals | March 3, 2009

Green Travel
Exploring the corners of the earth and embracing other cultures can enrich lives and inspire healthy change, but being aware of and taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of our journeys are equally important. With our Green Directory we hope to connect travelers to options that will help to diminish the footprint their trips leave on the planet by featuring environmentally-friendly hotels and destinations, as well as offering our customers tips on responsible travel, eco-travel based reviews from fellow travelers, and the opportunity to negate your trip’s footprint through carbon offsets.
Hotel Terra
At Hotel Terra Jackson Hole, every decision is weighed with considerations of sustaining the environment while maintaining a luxurious experience for its guests.

Environmental responsibility is a long-term commitment at Kimpton. Every three months, new products and practices are introduced to further reduce their impact on the planet. Sleep easy when you choose Kimpton boutique hotels.,,TRAVELOCITY|3409|hot_main,00.html
Portland, Oregon
A tree hugger’s dream destination, Portland, Ore. boasts parks, farmers markets and hotels that make it the perfect place to relax and love the Earth.


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