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Riviera Maya 101 – for families

Riviera Maya 101 – for families
Riviera Maya #7: cenotes, lagoons, caves…
There are yet more fun activities to explore, in the Riviera Maya.
 Watch for signs along Highway 307, advertising “cenote”: some of these signs are home-made and easily over-looked, but they can lead you to a delightful and unique Riviera Maya experience. “Cenote” (seh-no-tay), is usually translated as the unalluring word “sinkhole”. Cenotes are pools of water which form in the soft limestone of this region. Sometimes they’re underground; sometimes they form a swimming hole with lovely clear water

Another unique experience in the Riviera Maya is the chance to explore caves and underground lakes.

107 km south of Cancun –16 km before Tulum, 4 km past Akumal, the Aktun Chen caves are open for visitors, with lighted paths and tour guides to take you through. Stalactites, stalagmites, underground lakes… The tour takes over an hour (and entrance isn’t possible without the tour.)

Small lagoons full of colorful fish are another delightful feature of the Riviera Maya, and a great place for small kids to experience snorkeling. 

The Yal-ku Lagoon in the tourist area of Akumal — about an hour south of Cancun– is one such place. (Admission charge.) Check reviews on TripAdvisor– just search for “Yal-ku Lagoon”.

Xcaret and Xel-Ha began as snorkeling lagoons too, and still offer this experience but only within their larger eco-park and theme park environments.

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