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Walt Disney World For Families 101

Walt Disney World For Families 101
Eat for value and FUN
Food is expensive at Walt Disney World, no question. You can scout some bargains, but sometimes spending more on a full buffet is a better option– and more fun, if Pooh Bear or Cinderella is in attendance. A giant late breakfast buffet can serve as lunch; a giant late lunch can fuel the family right through dinner hour. Also: some a la carte restaurants specialize in fun theming, and these can be good choices, too.
Eating at Walt Disney World is an expensive undertaking. Although some bargains are available if you choose carefully, a family of four will be hard-put to have even a quick bite for less than $50.

In fact, your better option is probably to spend $10 more than that $50, and eat a full buffet at fun restaurant, such as the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom, which has the Winnie the Pooh characters.

Adults pay $15.95 for lunch, $19.95 for dinner; kids pay $9.95; there’s breakfast too. (Check the Disney World site for updated prices.) Kids will find a whole section with their own meal selections, plus a make-your-own sundae bar; parents will find plenty to please their palates; and your glass of pink lemonade or soda will be endlessly refilled. Be sure to make a Priority Seating booking. (see Tip #8.)

Other popular restaurants with similar prices include character breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table, and the Polynesian Resort’s dinners where food is cooked at a firepit, games are played with the kids, and food is brought to your table, and brought, and brought… Click above for more info about restaurants.

Meanwhile, if you’re dining a la carte, you may as well get the maximum fun for your bucks: for example, at the Prime-Time Diner (At Disney’s Hollywood Studios) with its 50’s decor. Old-fashioned TV’s show the Mickey Mouse Club or Dick Van Dyke; the wait-staff speaks to guests in a comic patter, admonishing Dads to eat their dinner if they know what’s good to them, or maybe using the “here comes the airplane” routine to feed Mom her burger. And the desserts are GIANT.

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